Hello World(press)

September 25, 2005

So here I am on WordPress.com. It’s a shame that they don’t allow 3 letter usernames which meant that I wasn’t able to get phu.wordpress.com but code.wordpress.com isn’t too bad. Having a short name can be frustrating at times.

Anyways, WP MU looks pretty nice behind the scene. I’ve seen the new UI changes before having both installed the alpha release of WP 1.6 and having had a sneak peek at the Shuttle project but it’s still nice to see major headways being made. People new to blogging will be especially appreciative of the WYSIWYG UI at work. It’s also good to see the post preview now lets you see how the post will look within your theme. The top and fastest growing WP blogs on the dashboard are another nice feature as is the aggregation of latest and top posts.

That said, I do wish there was a bigger selection of themes. Maybe I should work on developing another WP theme and try submitting that (via the feedback link perhaps?)

Anyways, whilst it’s still a bit rough around the edges in a few places, it all looks pretty good as a whole so far.